Saturday, April 14, 2012

UPDATE:  We recently received news that Seth Thomas has accepted a ministry position in Colorado and will be resigning his position as the director of Niños de Mexico in June.  A new director will be starting and the transition to the new leadership will begin and they will need some time to acclimate in to the position and everything going on.  Given these changes, we have decided to postpone our target date for moving to Mexico.  We will want time to coordinate our new ministry with the new director and get his input as to how that will develop, as well as letting him get a feel for the needs at Niños and the direction he feels we need to go.   We originally hoped to be in Mexico for the kids to start school the second week in September, but it will more likely be some time after the first of next year, and will also depend on how soon we get enough ministry partners to join us in the ministry to support us financially, so that we have the support we will need to live in Mexico.


In the meantime we will continue to work on raising support and developing ideas for the ministry.  It will all happen in God's time, which is always the right time!  We will keep you posted.


Those of you who would like to partner with us and support the ministry through monthly support, you can go to, and click on the Donate Now box.  You can then choose a one time gift or a reoccurring gift.  You would need to dedicate the gift to Living Link missionary support and in the comment box, note the Reisinger's ministry.


Thanks for your love and support and please continue to pray for our journey.


The Reisinger family

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